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AUTHOR: Rob Hendrix, Cannabis Consulting Nationwide LLC


Rob Hendrix writes on the alternatives communities ought to undertake in regulated states with regard to regulation or a thriving black industry. There is no in among. To paraphrase brother Wayne Kramer and the MC5, “Brothers and sisters, the time has come for every single and each and every a single of you to choose no matter whether you are going to be the difficulty or no matter whether you are going to be the answer (That is correct) You ought to decide on brothers, you ought to choose… It is Time To Kick Out the Jams………


As I have discussed on previous occasions, I have operated an I-502 State legal retail Cannabis shop in Central Washington State, in my hometown of Ellensburg, given that August 2014.

In these extremely early days, the Black Marketplace was chuckling at the total ineptitude and ineffectiveness of 502 and beyond any affordable doubt kicking our collective backsides. Costs had been crazy and selection and customer selection was an absolute joke. I myself had six (six) things on my “menu”, two forms of pre rolls and 4 forms of flower. And here’s the kicker…It was $30-$35 per gram out the door following all applicable State taxes.

So in the extremely starting, we had been no competitors at all. But due to fantastic old capitalism, this predicament started to alter in a extremely true way at the conclusion of the very first quarter 2015. (A lot more on this later, but even although our legislature preached early on their collective commitment to eradicating the Black Marketplace, their policies and burdensome tax structure in Washington State have made this noble work considerably additional complicated to obtain.)

In the interest of complete disclosure, I am an Economics key from Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington, class of 1982. So I do have an understanding of industry forces, customer positive aspects of competitors, laws of provide and demand and economies of scale.  Nonetheless, even though I was a college student, my practical experience in marijuana, and thus marijuana as an sector and a enterprise, my functioning knowledge was virtually zero.  In the extremely starting,  I certainly did not look at myself a crusader against the evils of the Black Marketplace. I was just attempting to survive the strangling restrictions of my State’s regulatory framework and the choking tax burden that was upon us at the time. But I did quickly come to have an understanding of that competing with and and eventually exterminating the Black Marketplace, is and need to continue to be a single of our industry’s key objectives.

To a particular degree, there will additional than most likely generally be a Black Marketplace. As lengthy as the definition of minor is 21 years of age in our State, there will be a Black Marketplace of sort. Nonetheless, whilst this is an aspect of the continued viability of what we contact the Black Marketplace, there are other components that are inside our handle and it is these situations and things that we want to stay focused on.

In Washington State at this time, in all probability at least in aspect due to an oversupply of Cannabis but that is an additional subject for an additional report, the rates are additional than a match for the illicit industry. Even although our State has sales tax AND a 37% price of excise tax, by far the highest in the nation, our out the door rates of item are reduce than what illegal rates had been on the street prior to 502.

The item is tested for a myriad of situations and chemical compounds as nicely as moisture and THC, and considerably additional so it is a extremely fantastic bet it is protected for the finish customer. The extremely truth it is taxed heavily at each the State as nicely as Federal level, is a promoting point at least to these not presently in the sector!

In Washington State for instance, our sector is contributing $250,000,000 per year to Medicaid. The guy promoting weed to a minor in the unlit corner of the neighborhood grocery retailer parking lot does not give a flying flip about what chemical compounds may perhaps be present in their item. They surely do not give a hoot about no matter whether their “customer” is of age or not. And very of course, they do not nor have they ever contributed something to anyone’s tax rolls.

My point is we are competing, and winning handily exactly where we are permitted to compete. Even with the enormous tax burdens and the myriad of guidelines and regulations and restrictions, legal Cannabis in Washington State is viable and powerful. And however the Black Marketplace nevertheless exists and in quite a few locales is nevertheless thriving.

The key purpose illegal Cannabis distribution nevertheless exists is due to bans and moratoriums across our State. Politicians mayors, city councils, city managers, county commissioners, the public in basic foolishly think in quite a few towns, municipalities, counties dotted all across Washington State they can say no to the existence of Cannabis in these places. This is hazardous and foolhardy for any person to think that a government entity can merely say no and Cannabis will remain away. I have told quite a few Cannabis haters who have mentioned no to the State legal retail Cannabis sector coming to their town or county that in truth they have created the Black Marketplace viable and healthier in their basic locales.

Let me repeat that final statement if any person says no to legal, 502 State legal shops in their towns, you are inadvertently saying welcome to illicit Cannabis firms.

You have to decide on which way and beneath what situations Cannabis is going to be created obtainable to the individuals of your city or town. You can decide on the vibrant lights of a compliance driven, item tested, taxed and regulated sector or you can choose the dark, untested, unregulated globe that is the Black Marketplace in which they sell to youngsters, incorporate chemical compounds in the processing of their item that can do in quite a few circumstances irreparable harm and/or contribute absolutely nothing fantastic to society and communities.

Shortsighted, ill informed and under educated folks are creating these exact same forms of frankly dumb choices for the “good” of their citizens each and every day across the USA. It is previous time we assign blame exactly where and on whom it belongs.

When and exactly where we are presently permitted to operate, we are dominating the all round industry, the key exemption getting sale to minors by non State licensed folks. It is fascinating to me as a political advocate in our State that has observed our sector obtain practically undreamed levels of sales and by extension, tax revenues, that Congress will not alter the price of taxation for any purpose, even the extremely achievable objective of the additional eroding of illegal Cannabis sales.

The cost-free industry is strong and has been thriving in spite of and surely not in any way due to politicians input. Regulation, compliance and public security is and need to be the Congress’ purview. Nonetheless, all want to keep in mind the stated objectives of our legalization of Cannabis, a single getting the protection of our youth from predators in the Black Marketplace.

The backdrop of all that we do, all that we talk about and all policy and regulations that we place in spot need to be the ultimate destruction of illicit Cannabis sales. Period. If regulators and lawmakers have and maintain this concept in thoughts at all instances as it relates to advertising a thriving Cannabis sector in the Evergreen State, we in the legal Cannabis sector will be in a position to hammer the Black Marketplace into a state of submission.


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