Launch is imminent – May perhaps 1st

It is been a busy month and just about 20 days due to the fact the final update.   QuitMarijuana.Org is completed and prepared to roll.   It has been a lot of late nights and weekends finding this point off the ground.  I am operating on finding a programmer to hook up the payment portal to PayPal as properly as do a couple of modifications to the Quizzes and Workout routines in the course content material.  All of the modules are completed, translated to the internet, and uploaded.

The 1st two sets groups of persons have gone by way of the plan and the feedback has been extraordinary.    Some persons are blazing by way of the eight modules in a weekend, other individuals are taking it a day at a time.      The Quit Marijuana Action program will take you all the way from trying to quit, to basically quitting, to finding by way of withdrawal and finding on with life.   That is the beauty of the plan.   It is there when you will need it.

I’ll be sending e mail updates.   You can sign up for e mail updates on the appropriate side of the weblog, or just go to https://quitmarijuana.org