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707 Headband Marijuana Strain

The 707 Headband strain is a Californian Hybrid with a mysterious origin. While sleepy, this strain is famous for its cerebral and clear-headed experience. Head-centered, the 707 Headband marijuana strain […]

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CBD Research: What Science Knows About CBD

As CBD oil becomes an increasingly popular supplement in the wellness industry, research continues to look for the scientific evidence behind CBD. But what does the research actually say about […]

How Is CBD Oil Made?

Cannabidiol oil, also known as CBD oil, is a naturally occurring compound used by millions of people around the world. CBD is one of the many chemical compounds found in […]


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Advocates Launch Group Seeking Interstate Cannabis Commerce

Cannabis advocates and businesses have launched the Alliance for Sensible Markets with their sights set on cannabis interstate commerce among legalized states. The organization says cannabis commerce between consenting markets […]

How Much is a “Zip” of Weed Exactly?

Source: Shutterstock Cannabis culture has adopted a huge collection of terminology that could practically fill a dictionary of its own. Take the word “zip,” for example. You may have heard […]

CBD American Shaman Review: Must-Read Before Buying

Presented by CBDStudy, a CBD research publication. CBDStudy may earn a commission from purchases made from the links in the article. However, all reviews are based on transparency and reviews […]